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:: Description de l'offre - C-TEC Constellium Technology Center

 Improvement of sampling mold - Voreppe (38)

The Constellium Technology Center is our world-renowned leading R&D facility dedicated to aluminium and its alloys. It is a key contributor to numerous aluminium metallurgy innovations, including the design of new alloys, metallurgical tempers, products, functional applications, transformation and enabling processes.

The center’s full-scale facilities provide the ideal venue to enable us to develop new solutions that meet customer needs. It plays host to a team of international scientists and technicians, all with unique competencies, and has a top-level international university network.

The objective is to optimize the sampling mold in order to improve the accuracy of cast analysis.

Context: in order to get a more accurate sampling for the chemical analysis of a cast, we want to optimize our sampling mold. During this internship, we will use the SOLID software to calculate thermosolutal convection during solidification in different kinds of molds and the associated macrosegregation. The final objective is to propose an optimization of the mold geometry in order to be able to analyze with a very good accuracy the composition of a cast by Spark Optical Emission Spectrometry (SOES).

Samples will be cast in molds corresponding to the recommendations of the modelling. We will use solid analysis methods (SOES and XFR - X-ray fluorescence) to validate the new mold. We will also use LIBS (Laser Impulse Breakdown Spectroscopy) to map the samples compositions.


The internship will take place in the Casting and Recycling R&D team which is in charge of the following R&D topics: recycling, melting, metal treatment, and casting of aluminum alloys. The intern will be supervised by a casting R&D engineer and will interact with the labs to carry out the experiments.

Results Expected

The intern will have to:

  • Use SOLID software in order to make solidification analysis of samples
  • Optimize sampling molds and test the best designs
  • Make SOES, XRF and LIBS measurements to check the benefits of the new sampling mold

Validation trials and interactions with external and internal labs constitute the major part of the internship.


Background in fluid mechanics. Metallurgy, material science. Experimental skills.
X, Mines, Centrale, INSA, ENSMA, ESTACA, IPSA, KIT, …

Behavior capacities:

  • Inventive, rigorous, autonomous, good skills in communication, results oriented.
  • Other (language, computer science level…): Reports are to be written in English.

Dates of internship preferred: first semester 2019


Type de contrat :  Stage
Début :  Entre février 2019 et avril 2019
Durée :  6 mois
Région : Auvergne et Rhône-Alpes
Discipline : Ingénierie
Rémunération : Indemnité mensuelle brute de 1 000 Euros + Indemnité logement de

Référence annonce : 288611
Contact : Nadine NICOLAS-LAEMLE
Adresse :
725 Rue Aristide Bergès
38340  VOREPPE

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