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:: Description de l'offre - 4WIR

 Internship for Communication Position

4 WIR Market Place is to the sharing and dissemination of knowledge economy, what is BLABLACAR to ride sharing costs, AIRBNB, COHOME or BPARK to sharing your rental or monthly credit installments (bedroom, living room, parking place, and for the writers, readers and Journalists as social networks like FACEBOOK to sharing contacts,..)

4 WIR new web media is to the monitoring and researching about impact's analysis of hidden web prospective 4WIR information what is GOOGLE for visible web. With 4WIR Identify your future threats, opportunities and understand how to give value to your 4WIR personal and business potential impacts.

Tasks and Responsibilities to participate to :

GENERAL Communications 2017 and 2018 tasks

  • Ensure (economic, strategic, prospective, competitive, political, regulatory, ...)
  • Analyse the impact of this fourth Revolution, identify new themes
  • Present to your internship deliverables responsible /board
  • Identify themes and actors to be interviewed
  • Review and Select writer’s articles
  • Identify themes for future reflection, accompany our editor-in-chief at trade fairs in interviews to write articles, on the professional blog of the Think Tank Club.
  • Interviewing senior executives of major corporate and subsidiary companies involved in this industrial revolution.
  • Accompany our editor-in-chief at trade fairs in Paris and during interviews, writing articles,
  • Building and Implementing communication policy, for example around fundraising events by crowd funding (communication on crowd giving platform).
  • http://www.flying-gate.com/UK_4R-Club/
  • Building corporate financial communications with investors: Crowd givers, Business angels, Venture Capitalists

4WIR Community Manager

  • Creating videos for our youtube channel
  • Co-animate some conferences
  • Feed social networks in brief of prospective on this 4.W.I.R
  • Write economic-financial articles, comments with abstracts of articles of funds (economic level, financial, strategic with choice media photos videos, & posting on blog WordPress (economical financial themes of financial analyzes and prospective analyzes strategic)
  • Feed and animate 4WIR Community with wordpress Tools. http://www.flying-gate.com/FGblog_UK/


  • Building financial communication for investors: Crowd givers, Business angels, Venture Capitalists. http://www.flying-gate.com/UK_4R-Club/
  • Animate members in Think Tank Club
  • http://www.flying-gate.com/UK_4R-Club/
  • Write articles and comments with abstract of fund articles of economic, financial, and/or strategic level + media choices photos videos, upload to a wordpress blog, popularize prospective knowledge.
  • Building astonishment reports.
  • Interviewing company executives involved in this industrial revolution at trade fairs in Paris.
  • Organize annual events (eg Crowdgiving fundraising, Annual meeting of club members with more than 1000 participants, etc) etc.
  • Translating some strategic articles in English, Spanish, chinese, Russian, Arabic, Indian,… ( Reserve for certain courses and profiles)
  • Study the components and quantify the cost of setting up a web radio on this 4th Revolution
  • Co-animate some conferences

Profile(s) Search(s) according to different communication Positions

Job Type :

  • Possibility of hiring a post-graduate internship at the end of internship with rapid progress in our media web (opening several countries of 2018 with several positions in one of the countries opened in 2018)
  • Internship with possible future permanent position reserved for the last years in late 2018 (Consult us for profiles)

Periods required for these internships :

  • Begining from december 2017 to the end of 2018.



Type de contrat :  Stage
Début :  Décembre 2017
Durée :  De 2 à 6 mois
Région : Normandie
Discipline : Communication
Rémunération : legal

Référence annonce : 269415
Contact : Pervaiz Ali
Adresse :
700, rue de la Pierre d'État - 76650 PETIT COURONNE
76650  Rouen
Tél : : 0982313220

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