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 Mastère Spécialisé in Management in Pharmaceutical Industry

The Specialised Masters Programme in Pharmaceutical Industry Management (MIP) is one of our postgraduate courses which give you the opportunity to acquire a dual scientific/business expertise, with the accent very much on the management and marketing of innovation. This dual competence is much in demand by companies active in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological sector, as testified by the job offers posted online on the LEEM (Drug Companies in France) website (www.leem.org). So give a new focus to your career plan: decide in which direction you want to go, check out the different professions inside the pharmaceutical industry, the different positions available, etc.

When you take the MIP programme you plunge into uncharted waters and learn to give shape and extra value and credibility to your career plan. You will need to make sure that your personality is consistent with the training programme and the particular professions you are interested in. With each year?s intake of students, we endeavour to develop the qualities of technical accomplishment, reflection, imagination and action, together with a respect for methodology and adherence to a code of conduct.

 Informations sur le 3ème cycle

École ESC Dijon
Niveau requis Bac +5
Coût de la formation 8000 €


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ESC Dijon - Groupe Sup de Co Dijon Bourgogne
29, rue Sambin - BP 50608
21000 Dijon
Tel. : 03 80 72 59 00
Fax : 03 80 72 59 99

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