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 Mastère Spécialisé Commerce Internationl des Vins et Spiritueux

Just as we judge a wine on its ability to mature so we can judge a training programme on the strength of its long-term performance. So when I look back today on my 20 years at the head of the Masters programme, I feel I can understand the winegrower's satisfaction when he opens a bottle of vintage wine and sees that it does justice to both the soil and his toil.

Similarly, the abilities of my students, my graduates (as I would say my children!) have borne fruit. When I see today the positions they hold, their indomitable enthusiasm and professionalism, I feel both happy and satisfied. They have "cultivated" their talent and I am vain enough to believe that the training they have received has helped them find their place in the world of work. Today, our graduates show their commitment and dedication to the Masters programme by facilitating the integration of young graduates, by making us welcome in their companies and by participating actively in our training programme. Many of them have, so to speak, "crossed the street" and are now involved in passing on their knowledge and expertise to a new generation of students. With my assistant and colleague, Chantal Marinet, I have followed their personal and professional lives with great interest and one of the things that has given us the most professional satisfaction is the "after-sales service" we have been able to provide to them. In return, we thank them for their assistance and for the precious feedback which enables us to keep in touch with the needs of companies in the wine sector. Lastly, I wish to thank all the companies who have placed their trust in us, making us feel at home when we visit their premises and welcoming our students on the occasion of work placements.

But a training course is also a question of teachers, external contributors etc. Our Masters programme would not be what it is without the efforts of the professors of Burgundy School of Business and those of the Institut Jules Guyot of Burgundy University.

With the wine industry in a state of some upheaval at the moment, there is more than ever a need for professionals at ease with the latest techniques and above all able to take up the challenges facing businesses today: internationalisation, adapting to the market and new emerging markets, winning over and winning back consumers.

It is our ambition to participate in these challenges and to "place on the market" professionals meeting the requirements of companies.

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École ESC Dijon
Niveau requis Bac +5
Coût de la formation 8000 €


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ESC Dijon - Groupe Sup de Co Dijon Bourgogne
29, rue Sambin - BP 50608
21000 Dijon
Tel. : 03 80 72 59 00
Fax : 03 80 72 59 99

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