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 Master of Science Logisctics and Supply Chain Management Outline

The MSc in Logistics & Supply Chain Management (LSCM) is designed for practising professionals, mid-career managers and graduates seeking to acquire a further specialist qualification in two complementary fields: Supply Chain Management and Project Management.

Its mission is to educate students in a personalized academic environment in order to achieve two objectives: knowledge acquisition and skills development.

Firstly, students will learn the core theory and practice of Supply Chain Management and Logistics, including Strategic Supply Chain Management, Logistics Design & Planning and Supply Chain Technology as well as Project Management.

Secondly, they will have the opportunity to acquire the relevant practical expertise in complementary disciplines such as Finance, Marketing, Risk Management, Innovation Management, Technology Management.

Thirdly, students will be able to reinforce the cross-functional competencies required to work successfully in the global end-to end supply chain environment through courses such as Quantitative Techniques, Research Methods, Teams and culture, Knowledge Management and Competitive Intelligence, etc.

The pedagogy is designed to develop diverse managerial skills and attitudes such as leadership, "out of the box" thinking, communication, team building, problem solving and decision making.

 Informations sur le 3ème cycle

École Skema
Niveau requis Bac +4
Coût de la formation 15000 €

 Critères d'admission


For students with a 4-Year Bachelor's degree or equivalent. In order to apply for a 1-year MSc program you must satisfy the following requirements:

  • 4-year Bachelor's degree or equivalent (Honours degree or substantial professional experience).

  • English language test to prove a minimum level of English: TOEFL 580 (paper-based), 237 (computer-based) or 92 (internetbased) / TOEIC 830 / IELTS 6.5. The test is waived for students who have a Bachelor's degree from an English speaking university.

  • A GMAT or GRE score will be to the candidate's advantage.


For students with a 3-year university degree. In order to apply for the 2-year MSc program you must satisfy the following requirements:
  • 3-year Bachelor's Degree or equivalent.

  • A TOEFL/TOEIC or IELTS score report proving a sufficient level of English.

  • A GMAT or GRE score will be to the candidate's advantage.


Informations complémentaires 
Dossier d'inscription 


SKEMA Business School
60, rue Dostoievski - BP 085
06902 Sophia Antipolis Cedex
Tel. : 04 93 95 45 91
Fax : 04 93 95 45 81

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