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 Master of Science in Strategic Management

Contrary to popular belief, strategic management is not only reserved for top level management. Decision making is a key part of every company and at every level. The Master in Strategic Management targets enthusiastic students interested in integrating strategic and organisational analysis and practices and who are seeking a specialisation in order to pursue their career.

The objective of the course is to provide training which will lead students to become "specialised generalists", with knowledge of the vital functions in a company and able to integrate different dimensions of the company in their strategic management decisions. As generalists they know about the various key areas in a company and as specialists they are able to extract the necessary information from these areas, judge its relevance to the situation at hand and encompass it in a sound strategic decision.

The programme teaches students not only to think systematically about how things happen in an organisation but about why they happen. Participants will learn how to build conceptual frameworks that will guide and support decisions that they will make throughout their business career. As a result, graduates are able to pursue their career in almost any industry or function of the organisation.

 Informations sur le 3ème cycle

Niveau requis Bac +4
Coût de la formation 13500 €

 Critères d'admission

Admissions decisions are made on the basis of the applicant's overall profile as reflected in the completed application package. Successful candidates, must display a wide range of educational backgrounds and experiences, academic excellence, strong quantitative and analytical skills, interpersonal competencies, international awareness, proven motivation to undertake the programme and capacity to make significant contributions to its learning environment. They must demonstrate the potential to succeed as a professional / manager / leader in the chosen field of specialisation.

A Bachelor's degree delivered by a university is required for admission to EDHEC MSc in Strategic Management programme. (A 4-year bachelor is preferred but some 3- year bachelors are also accepted) Professional experience is not a requirement but is appreciated.

Please note that applications are evaluated upon arrival. Candidates for the MSc in Strategic Management programme are therefore advised to apply as soon as possible.


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EDHEC Business School Lille - Nice
24 avenue Gustave Delory, CS 50411
F-59057 Roubaix Cedex 1
Tel. : 03 20 15 45 00

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