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 Master of Science in International Management

The internationalisation of economies is resulting in a remodelling of markets, a redeployment of industrial and commercial poles of attraction, and in the exacerbation of competitive pressures on companies which are forced to find a new competitive edge. Innovation, shorter product life cycles, the search for excellence in capabilities and techniques at an optimal cost in an uncertain environment, flexibility and adaptability to diversified markets, all lead to a "de-integration" of the value chain and to the emerging of ever more complex organisations, whose ability to integrate cultural differences has become a major asset.

This MSc in International Management has been designed in response to this complex evolving environment. It is an English-taught postgraduate programme in international management, aimed at young executives and graduate students whose ambition is to become corporate specialists, being able to apply in-depth business-related theoretical knowledge and practical know-how to advanced international management practice, with a strong focus on European issues.

According to the European university degree framework (3/5/8), the Master in International Management is considered as a European Masters 2.

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École ESC Dijon
Niveau requis Bac +4


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ESC Dijon - Groupe Sup de Co Dijon Bourgogne
29, rue Sambin - BP 50608
21000 Dijon
Tel. : 03 80 72 59 00
Fax : 03 80 72 59 99

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